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Asset / Background Searches
Can be conducted as part of a corporate intelligence investigation, but more often, are conducted as part of a judgment enforcement as well as in child support cases.

Child Support Enforcement
The enforcement of court-ordered support usually proceeded with after a background / assets search is completed. It's a matter of enforcing what a court has already ordered.

Computer Crimes
Relates to and is sometimes evidenced as part of a corporate intelligence, forensic auditing or background investigation. Can relate to illegal or unauthorized access to computer databases commonly called hacking and is sometimes found as a corporate intelligence investigation is conducted.

Corporate Intelligence
Business-to-business investigations involving all aspects of the business including all of its principals and governing boards with end results telling you whether or not you can trust and do business with that company under scrutiny.

In its most detailed sense, corporate intelligence is receiving or gathering information of a secret or confidential nature, especially about the enemy, although "enemy" is a pretty strong term. One who is involved in corporate intelligence gathers deep background on a company, the company's employees, officers, directors and/or any individual(s) or companies with which it does business, either on the domestic or international level.

Elder Fraud/ID Theft
Without a doubt, one of the most despicable, if not heinous crimes to prey upon the older population. It involves the investigation of money and repair scams of all types including, but not limited to building repair, mostly perpetrated by a nationwide clan of people known as the Gypsy Travelers, auto repair and outright theft of financial assets by gaining the confidence of the elderly as companions, who, in many cases, is a person(s) of trust, be it a family member or a court-appointed fiduciary such as a trustee or guardian. For more information on ID Theft, click here.

Expert Witness
Relates to testimony in a sworn deposition or in a court of law having been stipulated to as one having vast knowledge on certain subject matter by both experience and education -- example, accounting.

Forensic Auditing
Financial wrongdoing by individual(s) within a company / organization ending with expert testimony expressing the results of said investigation in a sworn deposition or a court of law.

Forensic auditing is an accounting-related term referring to ferreting out financial fraud in organizations with legal ramifications. This activity, in turn, uncovers those people within an organization who are perpetrating various types of fraud to include today's very high profile, computer fraud.

Licensed Private Investigators
Most types of general investigations -- depends upon your requirements.

Nudge Specialists
We negotiate and mediate disputes between individuals to business, as well navigate your needs within all levels of government.

Locating Missing & Kidnapped Children
Working in cooperation with our friends in law enforcement or for individual clients to bring these children safely home. We also work in the spirit of cooperation with those at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Private Fiduciary
A fiduciary is one who holds something in trust for another or is asked to assume duties of responsibility on their behalf; to speak or write or represent, by lawful means, on behalf of an individual's best interests.

A public fiduciary will work for a government entity, representing those who are unable to care for themselves. These fiduciaries are appointed by the court in a capacity of "duty care" trustee.

Private fiduciaries are placed in a special relationship with their clients as a matter of trust, confidence and responsibility in the obligation to those being served as an agent of the principal or client.

A fiduciary responsibility, set by law under the ABA code of Judicial Conduct Canon 3C(3)(b), includes attorneys, other officers of the court, guardian, trustee executor, broker, director or public officer, in order to perform this work an individual or company must be certified by the Arizona Supreme Court. Larry was one of a few of his Fiduciary colleagues in the early 1990's who helped get this certification requirement passed including that of certification for paralegals and document preparers and legal researchers.

Fiduciaries of any type are bound by the Uniform Fiduciaries Act and the Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Acts.

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