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L. Hiram (Larry) Adams
is a Retired Private Investigator, Arizona & New York

L.Hiram(Larry) Adams is a retired private investigators in Arizona and New York

Consultant to the Investigations,Security Guard, Executive Protection,
Corporate, Airport, Seaport Security, Transportation Industries.

Honorary Life Member, Professional Investigators Organization of Arizona, PIAOZ.

Former Member of:

  • World Association of Detectives
  • Arizona Fiduciaries Association
  • Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators
  • National Association of Investigative Specialists
  • National Association of Licensed Private Investigators (ION)
  • Associated Licenced Detectives of New York State
  • World Investigators Network, Inc.

L. Hiram (Larry) Adams

Larry began his Arizona career in consumer finance in 1957 with Seaboard Finance and after several years in various management positions, he joined Valley National Bank in 1965.

With his colleague James Manalakos, Larry co-wrote the first operations manual for the new Mastercharge Department of the bank and co-developed the idea for the bank's picture ID check cashing card.

After leaving the bank in 1971, Larry went on to become administrative and credit manager for the Oxford First Corporation, and in 1973, became a partner in a large commercial collection agency.

In 1975, he entered Arizona State University where he earned his advanced technical education in general business, management and psychology. He additionally earned a degree at the Pacific Coast School of Banking.

Over the years Larry has been extremely active in community affairs. He has served as senior member of the Advisory Board of Directors of the Rio Salado CC Small Business Institute; he was appointed delegate to both the 1980 and 1986 White House Conference on Small Business for Arizona Cong. Dist. 4. He is a registered Arizona lobbyist offering testimony on small business issues in Arizona and Washington, D.C. He has served as a member of the governor's Arizona Cost Efficiency Commission to bring better management into government.

In March of 2003 Larry was appointed by President George W. Bush to represent the state of Arizona as a member of his National Small Business Advisory Council. In February of 2006 Larry was presented with the 2005 Reagan Gold Medal of his achievements on behalf of small business not only in Arizona but throughout out the world.

A published author and public speaker, he also is a community college instructor in general business and management. He is considered an expert witness in the areas of general business, management and finance; serves on several corporate boards and commissions; and serves as special consultant to the truck transportation industry.

A special consultant to the truck transportation industry, airport, seaport security, including executive protection and Homeland Security.

Larry has developed a power point presentation entitled "How To Recognize The Elements Of Identity Theft and Elder Abuse", which he and Lois present to law enforcement, prosecutors, financial institutions and senior's organization.

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